Prima Innovations is a startup company that was founded for the purpose of introducing new and revolutionary technologies to the modern world

The company was established immediately following the production of the first ever patented topical anti-spasmodic drug. This revolutionary medication was generated by Priti Shah with the help of Mandar Shah. Priti Shah is an occupational therapist (OTR, CHT) and has worked in manual therapy for over 30  years. Mandar Shah is a PhD in Pharmaceutics and has more than 14 patents to his name. Both of the founders are seasoned in their respective fields. Priti has many pending ideas that will soon be patented and developed with the aid of investors.



The market for topical pain medication is fragmented without a clear leader.  One of the reasons is that it lacks topical muscle relaxant. The patented product produced by Prima Innovations is a unique drug unlike any other currently available. This is due to the antispasmodic effect (muscle relaxant properties)  of the active ingredient, which was an accidental discovery by the inventor. When active ingredient is added to simple lotion, the product relieves muscle tension and spasm. In another product the muscle relaxant drug was then combined with an anti-inflammatory agent, which resulted in greater reduction of pain. 

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