A Few reviews from clients who have tried our products

Amalia Kelly, MD Associate Professor Dept. Obstetrics & Gynecology Columbia University

I am writing this letter in support of the product formulated by my occupational therapist, Priti Shah. It is a cream applied topically to relieve muscle spasms and their associated pain. I have used it myself and found it to be highly effective.

I suffer from chronic back pain due to severe muscle spasms caused by an underlying neuropathy. To manage my pain, I use a combination of oral narcotics and muscle relaxants along with a topical cream, custom blended and consisting of Ketamine, Ketoprofen, Flexeril, Elavil, and lidocaine. One day a few years ago, I forgot to use my treatment cream. I was in for my therapy and Ms. Shah suggested I try her formulation. I did and found it to be at least as effective as my treatment cream, if not more so. Additionally, it had far fewer potent and potentially harmful ingredients.

I strongly believe that this new formulation is a winner. I found it to be highly effective in relieving my muscle spasms, its few ingredients have been in use for years and have proven to be safe, and it need not be specifically compounded.

Sean Higgins Ex-Sheriff's Officer, SWAT

I was a patient of Priti Shah, from 2012 until recently in 2015. In May of 2012, I sustained a hand injury while subduing a combative person at work. The injury required me to have three separate surgeries over the course of nearly three years, all while being in occupational therapy. The combination of the injury and the resulting surgeries led to a chronic pain condition which resulted in me being placed into pain management in 2014.

Prior to being placed in pain management, I utilized prescription pain medicine, OTC NSAIDs, prescription/OTC topical pain gels, and even holistic oils. All of the aforementioned treatments either failed to diminish my pain and/or were ineffective at controlling my pain. A few months into my therapy, Priti asked me whether or not I would be interested in trying a topical ointment that she had created. With skepticism, I accepted her offer being that nothing conventional was addressing my pain.

The first time she ever used it on me, it not only relieved my pain, it relaxed some of the spasms I would routinely have in my hand and forearm. I thought perhaps it was merely a placebo effect because nothing had worked even remotely for me. After a few more sessions and treatments there was a significant reducation in both my level of pain and the tightness in my hand and wrist. There were even times that I would call Priti and ask her if I can swing by the office to use it because my hand was really bothering me.

The topical ointment that Priti Shah concocted is, to this day, the only thing that effectively managed my pain and level of comfort. I still currently use prescription pain meds, Lyrica, topical patches, and holistic oil. I am convinced that if applied daily, the ointment that Priti Shah has created, would significantly reduce and potentially eliminate the need for any of my current prescription medication.

Kristine Muller

I want to express how magical the "wonder cream" is. I was having pain from arthritis in my hand for an extensive time, during one of my sessions the cream was applied to my area of pain. At first, I did not feel any difference but within 15 minutes of the application, the pain disappeared. I could not believe how well it worked and how good my hand was feeling. I have tried other over the counter shots in my hand and the shots have not worked and are painful to get. The cream takes the pain away without the pain of needles. If this cream were available to purchase, I would highly recommend it to others.